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19 Extremely Satisfying Moments Every Woman Looks Forward To

The feeling after taking off your bra makes wearing it totally worth it.

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1. Taking out a tight ponytail or braid and massaging your scalp.

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2. Taking your bra off at the end of the day.


3. And peeling off your tights or skinny jeans.

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4. Taking off your knickers and letting your vajayjay breathe.


5. And then putting on a fresh, comfy pair.


6. Changing into your jim-jams and crashing out on the sofa.


7. Or climbing into a bed with clean sheets.

8. Especially with freshly shaved legs.

9. Taking off uncomfortable shoes and feeling your bare feet against the flat ground.

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10. Waking up with perfectly tousled hair that requires no styling whatsoever.

Ok this rarely happens, but when it does, it's magical.

11. Peeling off whole sheets of nail polish.

12. Removing your makeup in just a few, smooth wipes.


13. And being able to finally rub your eyes.



14. Sloughing off the dead, nasty-ass skin on your feet.

And watching the flakes with sickening delight.

15. And feeling as soft as a baby's bum after putting on body lotion.

That is, when you can be bothered.

16. Managing to pluck out a really stubborn ingrown hair.

And inspecting the gross but great, little hard stoney thing at the end.

17. Or getting a professional to tend to your hair removal needs instead.

The feeling of getting my eyebrows freshly done 😌🙌🏽✨

18. Rubbing hand cream into your dry, tired hands.

It's a mini-massage.

19. And finally, when your period is over, like actually over.