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    Posted on Oct 29, 2015

    24 Struggles People Who Don't Eat Constantly Will Never Understand

    It's not irrational to fall out with someone over salad. It's not.

    1. Being able to cope with literally anything except for hunger.

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    2. Looking like a fucking crazy person any time you are hungry.

    3. Never being able to understand people who forget to eat.






    4. Never being able to socialise with people until you've eaten something.

    Castle Rock

    5. In fact, only being capable of being downright rude.


    6. Because when there is food involved, manners go out the window.


    7. Having to constantly protect your food because you believe everyone is out to take it from you.


    8. Always having to be that person in the restaurant.


    9. Having to constantly treat yourself as a way to prevent bad behaviour.

    10. Hallucinating when you haven't eaten in 20 minutes.

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    11. People judging your habits.

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    12. And making jokes about you and calling you names.

    13. Not being able to stop yourself from consuming whatever is literally in front of you.

    14. Feeling like you need to be purged of something because your hunger levels have turned you into some kind of monster.

    Warner Bros / Twitter: @NiykeeHeaton

    15. Really needing to eat something ASAP and having to settle for something you really don't want to eat.

    16. Constantly contradicting yourself because you want to change but you CAN'T.

    17. Eating like a fucking maniac compared to everyone else.

    18. Having to suppress your "hanger" in certain situations.

    19. Going to a dinner party and worrying about the food because people don't understand your needs.

    20. Having to assume several identities because you're a hungry, hungry hippo and you don't always want people to know.

    21. Never being able to properly concentrate on getting shit done because:

    22. And having vastly different ideas of romance.

    23. Having to make it crystal fucking clear to people that you do NOT share food.

    24. Your whole life being one vicious* cycle.

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