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19 Things Every Eyeliner Addict Knows To Be True

Eyeliner goals and eyeliner woes.

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1. To you, perfect eyeliner is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

2. But to get there, you know you're going to encounter some obstacles.

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3. Because you're pretty sure eyeliner has a mind of its own.

U gotta act cool, calm and collected around liquid eyeliner bc it can sense ur fear

4. Even when you're done, it's as if the eyeliner isn't done with you.

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Eyeliner, why do you hate me you little twat?

5. But for that sultry flick, you'd go to whatever lengths necessary.

6. Even if it's just for five seconds of perfection.

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7. But for all of the disasters, the times you do manage to conquer your eyeliner, makes it so damn worth it.


Practically orgasmic.

8. And you're constantly amazed by other people's mad skills.

This cat's eyeliner is more fleek than my entire life

And jealous, sooo jealous.

9. You do however, feel a real affinity with those who struggle.

10. Because you know that good eyeliner looks so much easier to do than it actually is.

11. And you're no stranger to a good hack.

12. But there's only really one person's eyeliner secret you really want to know.

13. Because then maybe you'll be on time for once in your life.

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14. Maybe, just maybe, you'll be able to take a selfie with BOTH eyes.

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15. And maybe there won't be so much pressure on your relationships.

If you wanna stay with your girl you gotta accept that's some days she's gonna have an attitude because her eyeliner didn't come out right.

16. You're always on the hunt for the perfect eyeliner.

Maybe you're loyal to one already, but eyeliner can always be blacker and easier to use.
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Maybe you're loyal to one already, but eyeliner can always be blacker and easier to use.

17. And even though you don't always get it right yourself, you find it hard to trust someone else to do it for you.

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18. Because when it comes to eyeliner, you really don't fuck about.

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19. It's just too damn important for those amazing selfies.