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23 Euphoric Experiences For Everyone Who Loves To Eat

"Donuts by the coffee machine" THANK YOU KIND SWEET ANGEL.

1. When someone lets you have the last bite.

Bhofack2 / Getty Images / Twitter: @laurenwinegar

2. Or the rest of their food.


Like, what is wrong with you but like, also never change.

3. When your S.O loves the same food as you so you never have to compromise.

4. When you're out for dinner and the person you're with is up for dessert.

5. When someone gives you a box of chocolates instead of flowers.

Limpido / Getty Images

6. Especially when that box of chocolates HAS MORE THAN ONE LAYER.

Kate Duffell / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

7. When your take-away arrives earlier than expected.


8. When you're starving and you take that first bite of your food.


9. Or when you take that first, satisfying plunge with your spoon.

10. When there's enough leftovers for seconds.

And thirds.

11. And when there's enough to have it for the next day.

Melissabrock1 / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

12. Whenever someone brings food into work.

13. Whenever there is free food in general.


14. When you find a snack in your bag.

15. When you eat something really delicious and you find out it's actually good for you.

Jenifoto / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

16. When you're sat closest to the food at a party.

Tokuma Shoten

17. When there are tasters at the supermarket.

18. When someone offers to share their food.

Castle Rock

19. And when you split something and you get the bigger half.

Arijuhani / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

20. When you're upset and someone knows just how to make you feel better.

21. Because nothing says love like giving you food.

Gold Circle Films

22. The sight of a glorious, glorious buffet.

23. But even better, the sight of your* beautifully stocked fridge.

Flickr: juhansonin / Creative Commons

*Your parents'

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