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19 Faces Everyone Who Goes To Nando's Will Immediately Recognise

Free half-chicken = euphoria.

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1. The "Someone's Just Mentioned Going To Nando's" Face.

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2. The "Yes I've Been To Nando's Before" Face.

3. The "Don't Know What To Order Even Though I Get The Same Thing Every time" Face.

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4. The "Toying With Going Up A Spice Level Because I Don't Want to Look Like A Wimp" Face.


5. The "No I Don't Want Any Fucking Olives" Face.

6. The "Someone Just Ordered Plain" Face.

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7. The "Forgot Our Table Number Help Me Quick" Face.

8. The "Free Half Chicken Because I Got Six Stamps On My Loyalty Card" Face.

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9. The "Gonna Ask For Tap Water But Actually Get Sprite" Face.


10. The "Another Table Has All Of The Sauces I Want" Face.


11. The "Why Hasn't My Food Come Already?" Face.


12. The "That Looks Just Like My Order" Face.

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13. The "Someone's Just Ordered Something That Isn't Chicken And They're Not Even A Vegetarian" Face.

14. The "Everyone Else Has Their Food Even Though I Ordered First" Face.

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15. The "Can't Talk, Eating Chicken Like A Boss" Face.


16. The "Experimented With The Extra Extra Hot Sauce" Face.


17. The "I'm So Full I Might Actually Die" Face.

18. The "Waiter Just Asked If Everything Was Alright With The Food" Face.

19. The "Someone's Just Said Nando's Is Overrated" Face.