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27 Signs You're The Liability Of Your Friendship Group

You've got good friends — alcohol just isn't one of them.

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1. Your mates are always like, "Hey remember when you got drunk after two minutes because you're a lightweight?"

2. And you're always like, "Nah, I can WELL handle my alcohol."

3. And then you go and do this.

5. And that's before the night has even properly started.

6. You always start off with good intentions.

7. But then you forget how to use your legs.

8. And need some assistance getting from bar to bar.

9. Your balance issues mean you're always bumping into things and making a mess.

10. Especially of yourself.

11. Getting you into a club is always mission impossible.

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12. But once you're in, you're the life and soul of the party.

13. So you have to be practically dragged out of the club when it's time to go.

14. That's if you don't get thrown out by the bouncer of course.

15. Sometimes you decide to leave your friends and go rogue.

16. But then they get a message like this.

17. Because you can't be trusted with your phone.

19. Your antics are always heavily documented by your mates.

20. Even when it's the morning after.

21. Because you're always trying to do death-defying stunts.

22. Which usually doesn't end well.

23. So your friends are always trying to get you to drink water.

24. And stop you from throwing up all over the taxi.

25. But even though you need looking after most of the time.

26. You're top quality entertainment.

27. And a night out just wouldn't be the same without you.