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27 Signs Your BFF Is Basically Your Sibling

Sister from another mister, brother from another mother.

1. You've been friends since forever.

2. And so you're comfortable enough telling them everything.

3. Like that one time when...

4. Your snaps together are family album worthy.

5. Although it doesn't matter since they're in your family photos anyway.

6. You've been on holidays together, even family ones.

7. In fact you guys are side by side for any celebration or family event.

8. Even the holidays.

9. And you go all out to celebrate eachother's achievements and milestones, just like your family would.

10. You can ask them anything and they will give you an honest answer.

11. And because you guys are strictly no bullshit, you'll happily call eachother names when necessary.

12. And indulge in a little healthy competition.

13. Although sometimes things can get physical.

14. You basically do EVERYTHING together.

15. So you're always getting each other into "situations".

16. You don't even bother to ask when borrowing things, their stuff might as well be your stuff.


17. And because you're stuck together by something stronger than friendship, you know you can get away with it.

18. You're not afraid to be gross around them.

19. Or be gross with them.

20. Because it's just on another level when friendship crosses over into family.

21. So calling each other "best friend" seems like a terrible injustice.

22. Especially when you know exactly how to take care of one another.

23. And you feel comfortable enough always, to ask for what you need.

24. There are just no boundaries between you two.

25. And no matter what distance between, you'll always be in each other's lives.

26. Because you cannot really be separated.

27. And that's family.