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21 Things You Only Get If You're The Broke One In Your Squad

"What do you want from Starbucks?" "I'll have an iced tap water. Venti."

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2. Because whenever they ask you how you're doing, it's always the same story.

no money november is going a little too well


6. You're pro at joining in with stuff without spending a dime.

when ur friend is going to Starbucks but u broke


9. You're always the one giving the ~thoughtful~ presents at birthdays.

"Happy birthday! I can't afford to buy you a cake from the store but I put my blood, sweat and tears into this bit of toast topped with Cheerios!"


18. But there's always that one friend who can see through you and is willing to help you out on the sly.

When you're broke and your friend buys you food