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21 Things You Only Get If You're The Broke One In Your Squad

"What do you want from Starbucks?" "I'll have an iced tap water. Venti."

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1. You always feel like a bit of a loser when you're around your friends who have their shit together.


2. Because whenever they ask you how you're doing, it's always the same story.

no money november is going a little too well

3. And while they're buying houses, you're still ignoring your finances and hoping for the best.

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4. You can't help but slip in at any occasion, the fact that you need money.


5. And so because of this, your friends know you're cheap labour.


"I'll pay ten pounds if you clean my car". "Throw in lunch and you have a deal".

6. You're pro at joining in with stuff without spending a dime.

when ur friend is going to Starbucks but u broke

7. However there's always that one friend who is a bad, bad influence.


8. Because they know you've you can get serious FOMO.


9. You're always the one giving the ~thoughtful~ presents at birthdays.

"Happy birthday! I can't afford to buy you a cake from the store but I put my blood, sweat and tears into this bit of toast topped with Cheerios!"

10. And you know how to get shit real cheap, or even for free.


11. The rest of the squad are always trying to help you figure out your finances.


12. Which you totally appreciate, until they start talking about how "broke" they are too.

Don't you have like three savings accounts?

Don't you have like three savings accounts?

13. Or worse, when they don't realise how nice their shit is.


14. Whenever your squad discuss nights out or holidays, you're always there ready to remind them of your "situation".


15. And you always try to check out the prices of places first, and offer your alternative suggestions of cheap pubs and dive bars.


16. Because there's nothing more awkward than finding out you cannot afford the place someone has already booked.


17. Since you're always banging on about being broke, sometimes you have to make up other excuses.

18. But there's always that one friend who can see through you and is willing to help you out on the sly.

When you're broke and your friend buys you food

19. So as soon as it's payday you like to treat your friends just to show your gratitude.

20. But because you're not so good with money, it's not long before you're the broke one again.

21. But that's OK because your squad just wouldn't be the same without you.

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After all, who else can make them feel better about themselves?