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27 Things You'll Understand If You've Ever Lived In Brighton

Someone crawling on the floor in a bondage outfit just becomes totally and utterly normal.

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1. The Brighton Pavilion will never cease to amaze, but you probably still don't know why it even exists.

6. You also learn to avoid West Street after dark.

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Unless you fancy a night of cheap sambuca shots and vomiting outside the cashpoint.

7. Not to mention Churchill Square in the summer.

Flickr: rb-rt / Creative Commons

So many tourists, so many summer schools, so many people. Even the wafting smell of the burger van couldn't lure you there.

9. And on the other side of Brighton centre, Kemp Town is equally stunning.

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12. As a student in Brighton, you know you're always in for a treat.

Instagram: @vansbrighton

With Sussex, Brighton AND the joint medical school, the town is teeming with students, which can only mean more deals!

18. And you remember when Bill's used to be THE "It" place to grab some breakfast or one of their famous desserts.

It's now got restaurants popping up all over the country and although the food is still yummy, they no longer do their specials or grand desserts :(.

23. You've never seen Brighton's biggest enigma.

I've lived in Brighton for a year now and I've still not met fat boy slim and I'm gutted you know

Unless you've paid for a gig, it's not gonna happen.

24. But you've met Chris Eubank so you've made your peace.

Been going to Brighton with work for 7 yrs and finally bumped into the legend @ChrisEubank! #Simply the best!

26. But to be honest, there's always something wonderful happening in Brighton.

A zebra playing the piano #Brighton #paviliongardens #onlyinbrighton

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