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21 Things Every Woman Who Likes A Drink Will Understand

"You drink like a man". "I think you mean I drink like a fish."

1. When you drink, you do it like an absolute boss.

2. So fuck anyone who says it's not ladylike.

3. It's probably because they feel threatened.

"Girls who drink aren't cute" u mad bc I can shotgun a beer faster than you can

4. Since you can pretty much drink any guy under the table.

5. And not end up a hot, piss-stained mess.

I once had a boyfriend who said "girls who drink lots are gross" and then later got so drunk that he pissed all over his own shirt. #mistake

Unlike some people.

6. So it annoys you when people question how much you drink.

7. And assume preferences like "you must not drink whiskey because you're a girl".

8. Or "you must not like beer, women don't like beer right?"

9. Truth is, you pretty much like it all.

10. What you don't like however, are small sizes.

11. Especially if you're only staying for a few...

12. To you, booze is always a great gift to receive.

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13. Because you love adding to your already impressive minibar.

14. And keeping the fridge well stocked.

15. Because let's face it, you're usually the one getting the party started.

16. Sometimes you do have to question your drinking habits.

17. Because you love a bit of booze in anything.

18. However, you know that you're capable of practising moderation.

19. Because sometimes the biggest pleasure is just having one that you can savour, one that you can unwind with.

20. So whether it's just to chill or party, you're a lady who likes her booze.

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21. And you wear it like a badge of honour.

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