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24 Fails That Prove Karma Really Is A B*tch

Let this be a lesson to us all.

1. When this girl forgot who she was friends with on Facebook.

2. When this thief stole a bike then tried to sell it back to the owner on Craigslist.

3. When this guy ate a delicious bacon sandwich.

4. When this guy mocked his lovely, happy dog.

But then made a slip up himself.

5. When this evil cat tried to steal from this other lovely, happy dog.


7. When this guy tried to make an ass of his brother.

8. When this girl tried to outsmart a bartender.

9. When this guy sped right into a sticky situation.

10. When these hipsters were being hipsters and doing their annoying hipster thing.

11. When this guy thought he had the last laugh.

12. When this cat got caught being fishy.

13. When this prankster failed to use condoms properly. Twice.

14. When this prankster failed to know his target's strength.

15. When this person wanted to cool themselves on a hot summer's day.

16. When this seagull couldn't resist nicking a chip.

17. When Lakessha was an ungrateful little fucktard.

18. When this taxi driver failed to check the rear.

19. When this guy was left with his tiny pecker tucked between his legs.

20. When this sister picked the wrong time to steal from her sibling.

21. When this genius got angry at a sign. Because signs are mean.

22. When this girl failed to think about the importance of proper footwear.

23. When this person was clearly in a bit of a rush.

24. When this guy refused to let anyone get in the way of his ambitions.

Karma - the guy who pushed past me on the tube and then suggested I go F myself just arrived for his interview...with me...

Moral of the story: Be nice. And if someone does you an injustice well, you know who has your back.