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19 Reasons Why Every Girl Can Be Glad Summer Is Basically Over

BYE BYE boob sweat.

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For most of us summer, sadly, is coming to an end.

1. But there are some things we can be thankful for now that it's nearly over, like not sweating all of the god damn time.

A list of things I did over summer -sweat

2. Especially under our boobs.

I'm pretty much ready for summer to be over, you guys. Hashtag boob sweat.

3. We can finally wear comfy, snuggly clothes again.

I'm actually glad Summer is ending, I miss wearing over-sized sweaters all the time:33

4. And say goodbye to chafing thighs and hello to our jeans.

5. Which also means NO SHAVING!!!

6. Or any other generally summer-based grooming designed to make your exposed skin look "lustrous".

7. You don't have to worry as much about dress and skirt disasters because TIGHTS ARE BACK!

8. Which you can actually wear because it will no longer be sweltering outside.

I'll be glad when summer is over so it's not as hot as Satan's armpit outside

9. So your period can go back to being just a regular uncomfortable experience instead of PURE HELL ON EARTH. / Via Twitter: @ZXRYL

10. Because you won't be sweating profusely or exposed to crazy humidity, your hair actually has a chance at looking sleek AF.

11. Even if you still have a bad hair day, at least you can wear a hat without feeling like your whole body is on fire.

12. And if you wear makeup, you might even be able to achieve flawlessness.

13. Instead of looking like this:

14. It's time to forget about that summer body bullshit and focus on getting that winter body.

15. And personal grooming? Who cares now right?

16. Even though flip flops are so chill, the dirt they bring, not so much.

17. But now your feet can go back into hibernation.

18. Everything can go back into hibernation.

19. So thanks for the memories summer, but it's now time to get comfy.