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A Kangaroo Got Its Head Stuck In A Bucket And It's Almost Too Much To Cope With

A roo-dimentary mistake.

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This thirsty kangaroo, spotted at a local golf course in Coffin Bay, South Australia, accidentally got its head stuck after trying to drink from a watering can.

Two local men who had witnessed the poor thing's plight came to its aid with tin cutters and rope. They were joined by golfer Ian Berry, who took photos of the rescue.


Berry told The Advertiser, an Adelaide newspaper: “I’d just finished a round of golf and then we spotted this big kangaroo in the paddock with its head in a watering can.”

At first the two men, Rob Smith and Steve Dew, tried to release the distressed 'roo by attaching a rope to the can and pulling on the rope and its tail simultaneously. But the attempt failed.


However, after managing to cut the can open, the roo was finally released and eager to jump away.

Berry said: "Once it was free of the watering can it jumped off. It wouldn’t have survived too long if Rob and Steve hadn’t gotten the can off."

Messages of gratitude to the local heroes were shared on the Coffin Bay Facebook page.

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