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    24 Period Problems That Are Way Too Real For Every Girl During Summer

    If I go swimming...will the sharks come for me?

    1. Never being able to tell if you're leaking on your period because of the vast amounts of bum sweat.

    2. And all of the sweat making pad-chafing even more of a nightmare.

    3. Speaking of pads, finding one that actually fits your smaller summer knickers is near impossible.

    4. And you never feel quite comfortable enough to wear one with a skirt or dress.

    5. Because summer clothes are so light and thin, you can't hide that pad outline.

    6. Not to mention any potential leaks.

    7. Or all the bloating.

    8. Wearing a tampon is easier, but then you do have to worry about whether the string is hanging out.

    9. And just wearing a skirt or dress on your period in general only increases the fear of it blowing up in the breeze tenfold.

    10. The summer heat and your period combined make sleeping an actual fucking nightmare.

    11. And you can't even sleep naked for fear of waking up to a murder scene.

    12. Soothing your period-y aches with a nice hot water bottle becomes out of the question.

    13. And eating a half-melted chocolate bar doesn't have quite the same comfort as it normally does.

    14. Timing your holidays around your period becomes the bane of your life.

    15. But most of the time that's in vain anyway, since periods do like to pop up as if to say, "SURPRISE BITCH YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD GO AWAY WITHOUT ME?"

    16. If you prepare for your period while away, it's likely that half of your suitcase becomes dedicated to extra knickers, pads, and tampons.

    17. And if you don't, you get the joy of figuring out which brand of local tampons from the nearest chemist is gonna do the trick.

    18. When you stay in a hotel you become terrified that you'll stain the sheets.

    19. And even worse, bump into housekeeping while they discover the mess all because YOU FORGOT YOUR DAMN SUNGLASSES.

    20. Swimming while on your period always feels weird.

    21. And even if you're approximately two metres from shore, you still worry about sharks.

    22. And bears if you're camping.

    23. But most of all, you learn to fear dogs in the summer.

    24. Because skirt + period + dogs = a sniffing situation that's just too awkward to bear.