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    18 Things You Only Know If You Love To Dance But Can't

    You gotta work on that twerk.

    1. If there was one talent you could wish for, it would be that you were incredible at dancing.

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    2. Because although you have passion in spades, you don't actually have any talent.

    It's a cruel world.

    3. You've been to dancing classes before but you can just never seem to follow what everyone else is doing.


    It always seems easier in your head.

    4. And so you've looked up YouTube tutorials hoping you can learn in private, so you don't have to expose yourself to unnecessary embarrassment.


    5. Because when you practice your moves, you really go for it.


    And other people shouldn't have to see that.

    6. You're completely obsessed with dance movies.

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    7. And so you often fantasise about being in one where you "serve" it to a rival dance group.

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    8. Or that you'll suddenly be transformed from a bad dancer to someone Julliard-worthy by someone cool who takes you under their wing.

    MTV Films

    You'll fall madly in love during this transformation process.

    9. You don't just dream about being a world-famous dancer though, you're obviously an in-demand choreographer who creates routines for the biggest stars.


    10. When you're at the club you try to play it safe with some slow, "sexy" arm raises and hip wiggles.

    11. But then there's always that one song that just gets you.

    Grace Spelman / BuzzFeed

    12. And so then suddenly you're doing this:


    13. Most of the time you just try to pass off your dancing as your "joke dancing".

    Little Stranger

    It's obviously not your real dancing.

    14. Because your biggest fear is that you'll try to dance and it will be clear you have zero rhythm.

    Especially when someone wants to grind with you – what if you're both at different speeds? DIFFERENT GRIND LEVELS?

    15. You've injured yourself many a time because of your lack of spatial awareness.

    16. And you've also injured others too.

    I hate you @Ssharr for giving me this welt on my head. #BADdancer

    17. So you learned to give people a heads up.


    18. But also to not be ashamed of who you are.


    19. Because even if you look ridiculous, it's not going to stop you from having the time of your life.


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