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18 Of The Most Savage Responses Women Had For Fuckboys In 2016

Get ready for this year's Tinder takedown.

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1. 2016 was the year women crushed fuckboys.

2. And they did so with such powerful elegance.

3. They played fuckboys at their own game.

Instagram: @kaylakennyvlogs

4. And were patient educators.

5. They never backed down from a challenge.

Instagram: @tindernightmares

6. And fought every battle valiantly.

7. They understood the power of playing innocent to their games.

Instagram: @curlybap007

8. But they understood the power of invoking fear, even more.

9. They delivered the sickest burns.

10. Time after time.

11. And were not willing to allow contradictions.

12. They opted out whenever they could.

13. And they gave men the chance to walk away.

14. But they just kept coming back for more.

15. I mean, is this really worth it, guys?

16. Because yeesh, this has gotta hurt.

17. I'd just give up now, if I were you.

18. Because 2017 won't be any better lads, we can promise you that.

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