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17 Of The Most Awkward Things That Happen In Every Office

Ban conference calls and ban office birthdays.

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1. Leaving the office at the same time as a colleague you don't know very well.

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2. Showing someone new around the office when you don't even know half of the people you work with.

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3. Singing happy birthday to a colleague.

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4. Or worse, being the one sung to.

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5. Being told to go speak to Steve in IT and having no idea what Steve even looks like.

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6. Presenting to a room full of people on their phones who aren't even listening.

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7. Bumping into your CEO and feeling like you have to impress them.

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8. Writing the wrong thing in someone's birthday card.

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9. Being the one who microwaved fish in the office.

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10. Not knowing how to use a basic office appliance.

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11. Being asked about a project you haven't even started working on.

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12. Going to a meeting room you've booked, but it already being occupied by an important-looking meeting.

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13. Being put on the spot in an important meeting.

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14. Only half-listening to a colleague talking about their weekend and responding with something that makes no sense whatsoever.

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15. Someone DMing you something about the person who has just come over to your desk.

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16. Listening to a new starter give a "fun fact".

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17. And every single conference call ever.

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