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14 Situations That Are Too Real If You Drink Alcohol

When you get the dreaded flashbacks.

1. When you try to flirt with the bartender so you can get better drinks:

Remee Patel / Mediaphotos / Getty Images

2. When you only planned to go for one drink:

Remee Patel / Getty Images

3. When you're suspiciously fine the next day and you realise you're still drunk:

Remee Patel / G-stockstudio / Getty Images

4. Or work becomes the ultimate struggle and you resign yourself to your fate:

Remee Patel / Sturti / Getty Images

5. When you're trying to remember all of the things you did while under the influence:

Wavebreak / Getty Images

6. When your hangover brings up some confusing emotions:

Remee Patel / Getty Images

7. When you go for work drinks after a stressful day:

Remee Patel / Getty Images

8. When you start as you mean to go on:

Remee Patel / Getty Images

9. When you get the dreaded flashbacks:

Baona / Getty Images

10. When you're trying to decide what wine to get:

Remee Patel / Machineheadz / Getty Images

11. When you're at an event and find out the drinks are free for a limited time only:

Remee Patel / Monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images

12. When liquid courage makes you a little too courageous:

Remee Patel / Innovatedcaptures / Getty Images

13. When "hair of the dog" goes beyond the call of duty:

Remee Patel / Wavebreakmedia / Getty Images

14. And when you make the same damn promise to yourself each time:

Remee Patel / Vadimguzhva / Getty Images

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