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22 Reasons Muslims Don't Lose Weight During Ramadan

You'd think fasting for 30 days would put the "slim" back in Muslim. Wrong.

1. Keema Samosas


Deep fried pastries filled with meat? Yes, please. These heavenly, crispy bites are the best thing to bite into after a long day. Recipe here.

2. Qatayef


Cheese- or walnut-filled pancakes drenched in syrup? Yup. That's what a typical Arab dessert would be during Ramadan. They're delicious, comforting, and oh so gluttonous. Recipe here.

3. Haleem


Meat cooked with lentils and served with almost a cup of ghee? You bet. Recipe here.

4. Gajar Ka Halwa


Veggies as dessert! Carrots have never tasted so good. Bugs Bunny, eat your heart out! Recipe here.

5. Rooh Afza


In Pakistan, people typically break their fasts with this rose-flavored syrup mixed with cold water. It's got a lot of sugar, but it's refreshing as heck. Perfect for these long summer days. Recipe here.

6. Breakfast Kababs


People eat patties of meat for breakfast, OK? Shami kababs are the king of Ramadan. Served with some eggs and a greasy paratha, you'll eat 90% of your daily calories before 4 a.m. Recipe here.

7. Fattet Hummus


Fried pita bread, chickpeas, and garlicky yogurt? Delicious! A Ramadan staple for sure. Recipe here.

8. Pakoras


Think Pakistani hushpuppies. Deep fried batter laced with onions, spinach, and potatoes. Yumminess in every bite. Recipe here.

9. Harira Soup


A soup hearty enough to be an entire meal. Recipe here.

10. Sheer Khurma


Basically pasta cooked in cream and doused in sugar. Yes. All day, yes. Recipe here.

11. Knafeh


Three layers: pastry, melted sweet cheese, pastry again. Recipe here.

12. Ash-e Reshteh


Persian food is, definitively, the best food. Keep it simple with this delicious soup typically served during Ramadan, and follow it up with some kababs. Recipe here.

13. Biryani


This is a one-stop shop kind of dish with rice and meat. All you need is some thick, cool yogurt, and you're good to go. Recipe here.

14. Chaat


Fried bits of dough mixed with veggies and topped with yogurt and chutney. So good Beyoncé would break her vegan diet for it. Recipe here.

15. Kababs


Any respectable home will have their kabab recipe on hand for Ramadan. It takes any meal to the next level. Recipe here.

16. Turkish Pide


Basically a pizza boat. Recipe here.

17. Buttery Naan


Next level naan. Recipe here.

18. Mango Lassi


Mango milkshakes for the win. Recipe here.

19. Kushari


Rice, lentils, and macaroni, topped with a perfectly seasoned tomato sauce. An Egyptian dish as perfect as the pyramids. Recipe here.

20. Falooda


Ice cream, rose syrup, basil seeds, vermicelli, and jello. It sounds crazy, but this is the best dessert you'll ever eat. It makes Ramadan worth it. Recipe here.

21. Nihari


Think melted meat. It's perfectly hearty and will definitely compensate for all the calories you didn't have during the daytime. Recipe here.

22. Dahi Vada


Fritters soaked in yogurt and served with delicious spices. Perfection in a dish, and another clever way to bring fried food into the Ramadan diet. Recipe here.

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