This Is The Creepiest Thing To Come Out Of India’s Elections

I’m trying to mask my fear, but can’t.

1. So, ICYMI: India is nearing the end of its general elections, which have been remarkable for a lot of reasons.

• They were the hugest democratic elections of all time, with over 800 million eligible voters.
• They were revolutionary for India, in terms of youth participation and the use of social media in politics.
• They’ve brought women and gender issues to the mainstream political conversation.
• They will determine the Prime Minister and ruling party for India for the next 5 years, therefore arguably being one of the most pivotal political moments for the world today.

2. These elections have also been particularly interesting because of the candidates, who are incredibly divisive.

Punit Paranjpe/Raveendran/AFP

Left: Rahul Gandhi, a notoriously unintelligent political heir, who almost certainly won’t win.
Right: Narendra Modi, a Hindu fundamentalist, who probably will.

3. But whatever. Politics schmolitics. This is the important part: Click if you dare, to see some creepy shit.

Via Noah Seelam / AFP / Getty Images

4. So, here’s the deal. To show their support, Indians are wearing masks of their favorite politicians…

Via Sam Panthaky / AFP / Getty Images

5. And it’s leading to some truly creeptastic situations, like all of these Modis dancing together.

Via Sam Panthaky / AFP / Getty Images

6. And all of these kids whose faces have been replaced by Rahul’s, with blackholes for eyes.

Via Himanshu Vyas / Hindustan Times via Getty Images

7. And these patriots, who probably picked Modi at the polling booth, who now have three bizarre heads each.

Via Sam Panthaky / AFP / Getty Images

8. These Gandhi believers are overcome by political fervor! And they’re terrifying.

Via Bijo Boro / AFP / Getty Images

9. This child will grow up to be a fanatical BJP supporter. And he will visit you every night in your dreams until then.

Via Arun Sharma / Hindustan Times via Getty Images

10. And these two dear friends, who believe in Modi’s political agenda, could moonlight as horror movie extras.

Via Kevin Frayer / Getty Images

11. This dude thinks Rahul Gandhi will lead India to glory. And he has also been possessed by the devil.

Via Kevin Frayer / Getty Images

12. This guy can’t wait for Modi to be Prime Minister. And also murder you in your sleep.

13. Here is the nightmarish sari-clad Modi nobody needed or asked for.

Via AH Zaidi / Hindustan Times via Getty Images

14. These voters are with Modi until the very end. And R.I.P. you.

Via Arun Mondhe / Hindustan Times via Getty Images

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