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24 Things Only Your Best Friend Knows About You

It's a miracle they love you anyway.

1. Your BFFs know your guilty-pleasure TV shows because they watch them with you.

2. They know that you force them to like your Facebook/Instagram updates as soon as they're posted.

Illumination Entertainment / Via

3. They're the only people who know exactly when you're pooping.

4. And precisely how good, bad, or average it was.

NBC / Via

5. They're the only people who know how much time you spend composing every text you send your crush.

6. They know your secret racial/ethnic/religious prejudices.

7. And all the really, really stupid questions and opinions you have on worldly affairs.

CBS / Via

8. They know your favorite flavor of every single junk food and candy.

9. They know how abysmal you are at budgeting and that you spend a week every month broke.

10. And they know that (at least) 50% of your money is spent on alcohol.

11. They know that you have dinner twice every night, once at 7 p.m. and then again at 2 a.m.

HBO / Via

12. They know that when you attempt to cook, it's almost always a disaster and a half...

NBC / Via

13. And so they have your Seamless order memorized.

14. They know that you drink alone more than you would admit to anyone else.

15. They know every regrettable detail of every regrettable hookup, even the ones you yourself have tried to forget.

MTV / Via

16. They know your Facebook search history better than Facebook even does.

17. They know how you actually feel about all of your family members.

18. And they know every stupid question you've ever had about sex.

19. They know all the people you secretly hate but are nice to anyway.

HBO / Via

20. They know every graphic, gut-wrenching detail of your romantic history, from your first crush onward.

21. They 100% know what you look like without pants on...

22. And, if you're a girl, they know how your legs look in all their unshaven glory.

23. They know how you look first thing in the morning, crazy hair and everything.

24. And, above all else, they know that despite all of their flaws, quirks, and secrets, you love them unconditionally and always.

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