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23 Moments That Make You Feel Like A Real New Yorker

Despite what you might've heard, it takes a lot more than killing a cockroach and crying on the subway.

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7. The first (and last) time you line up for something for an unreasonably long time.

Shakespeare In The Park, SNL, the "Rain Room," cronuts, the 53rd Street chicken and rice cart, the roof of the Empire Hotel, Shake Shack — take your pick.


18. When you go for a magical walk on which literally every walk sign lights up exactly when you need it to.

Although you're an expert jaywalker and totally didn't need it, it's nice to feel like the city's got your back.


19. Finding (and Instagramming) the spot that you know, with certainty, will be your favorite spot in the city forever.

20. The first time you leave your apartment on Sunday afternoon to see that your avenue has been taken over by the Sunday street fair.

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