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19 Reasons Oman Should Be The Next Country You Visit

Oh, man.

The Sultanate of Oman is a teeny tiny country in the Middle East that, for the most part, nobody has heard of. And you need to go there ASAP.

1. For starters, it is jaw-droppingly, earth-shatteringly, mind-blowingly beautiful.

2. Whether that's the infinite, golden desert...

3. Or the stunning, secluded beaches.

What wouldn't you give to be in that warm water right now?

4. It's an ocean-lover's dream.

No, really.


5. Oman is a driver's paradise, too. Whether you like adventurous off-roading...

Or your style is a bit smoother.

6. And the dramatic rocks, mountains, and cliffs will change your perceptions of the world forever.

Seriously. Look at this. Is this real?


"OH MAN" sounds about right.

7. If the above-ground wonders aren't cutting it for you, Oman happens to have a lot hidden below the surface. Like huge, awe-inspiring caves.

8. And magnificent, stunning scuba.

9. A "Wadi" is a valley or ravine that is dry except during the monsoons, when they fill with water, forming oases of cool and vegetation. Oman has several.

They provide calming respite from everyday life.

10. Omani architecture is intricate and unique and colorful.

And even the less lavish buildings are geometrically fascinating.

11. If you like to shop, Oman's many souks are an unparalleled experience unto themselves.

12. There is no sporting event in the world more riveting nor beautiful as Omani kids playing soccer on the beach at sundown. Without fail, everyday.

13. In Oman's capital city of Muscat, there is a mosque at every other street-corner, each more beautiful than the last.

They glow starkly in contrast with an otherwise western cityscape.

And as stunning as they are from the outside, they are even more striking from within.

Muscat's "Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque" is the city's pride and joy, its minarets glowing nightly against the silhouettes of distant mountains.

14. If landscapes and buildings aren't enough for you, the food most definitely will be.

The staple diet is one of succulent, marinated meats and spiced rice.

Did I mention meat. So. Much. Meat.

15. And, almost more delicious than the food itself, is Oman's long tradition of beachside hookah.

16. Omani fashion is simultaneously pragmatic and stylish.

For men and women, for adults and children, traditional garb is both vibrant and comfortable. The world could learn a thing or two about fashion from Omanis.

17. More important than the clothes are the people in them. Omanis are known across the Middle East for their generosity, hospitality and kindness.

18. As incredible as Oman already is, it is slated to get more developed, more educated, and happier with each coming year.

19. So when you do go, rest assured that you will receive a warm and smiling welcome.