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    The 22 Best Reactions To Delhi's State Election Results

    Although the Aam Aadmi Party just secured 67 seats in the national capital in a landslide victory, the internet is always the real winner in Indian politics.

    1. This truly incredibly GIF-making.

    2. This devastating pre-World Cup revelation.

    Worth remembering that last time AAP was in power in Delhi, India lost all their ODIs. Happy World Cup 2015.

    3. This ambitious lil' guy all set to start the Aam Toddler Party.

    Outside Arvind Kejriwal's home in Kaushambi, a tiny supporter. LIVE updates: #NDTVResults

    4. He has my vote for Delhi's 2045 elections.

    5. This guaranteed Bollywood blockbuster.

    6. This minimalist image that speaks crores of words.

    7. This spot-on party anthem.

    Bas 4 bach gaye lekin party abhi baaki hai !

    8. Arvind Kejriwal of House Jhaadu, Survivor of Amit Shah, Slayer of Bedi, Wearer of Muffler, and Cougher of Bacteria.

    9. This eerily accurate Voldemort-Modi mash-up.

    Modi's post-election thoughts can be captured entirely by Voldemort quotes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    10. :')

    11. The real reason for Mr. and Mrs. Kejriwal's heartwarming embrace.

    12. This apt throwback.

    This cliched quote truer for @ArvindKejriwal and @AamAadmiParty than anyone else #DelhiDecides #KiskiDilli

    13. This accurate play-by-play of Bedi's defeat speech.

    14. This exclusive behind-the-scenes photograph of Amit Shah begging Modi's forgiveness.

    This pic needs no caption #DelhiResults #DelhiDecides

    15. Two words: BEDI MEMES.

    16. This standard argument between two friends.

    17. This dramatic photoshop work.

    Sikar achchha haiiiiiiiii kabil sikari hai kejriwal g

    18. This 2015 summer blockbuster.

    Mufflerman return ........5saal kejriwal

    19. This evidence that there's a Bollywood song for everything.

    Kiran bedi to kejriwal: Sun raha hai na tu ro rahi hoon main

    20. Seriously. Everything.

    21. No, really. These "aap" puns will kill us before the 5 years are up. (Unless they're aap your alley!) (AAAA IT'S HAPPENING)

    AAP ki kashish Sarfarosh hai.. AAP ka nasha Yu madhosh hai... Kya kahe tumse jaane jaa... Gumm hua hosh hai! :P

    22. And finally, a use for that annoying Chumbawamba song.