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Jan 30, 2014

24 Gifts People In Long-Term Relationships Actually Want To Receive

Happy Valentine's day, sweetheart. This year I got you Netflix, wine, Cheetos, and a back rub.

1. Permanent control over the T.V. remote and/or the Netflix queue.

2. A permanent, foolproof cure to morning breath.

New Line Cinema / Via

3. Back rubs and foot rubs on demand.

4. For it to always be their turn to do the dishes.

5. For your partner to turn a blind eye to aaaall the cool clothes you've stolen from their wardrobe.

NBC / Via

6. A non-negotiable position as your relationship's one and only Little Spoon.

7. And one of these mattresses to make that situation easier on everyone.

8. For the two of you to hang out with your friends once a week, and with theirs once a year.

9. A "get out of hanging out with the family" card to use when you really need it.

ABC / Via

10. For them to keep their apartment stocked with all of your personal hygiene supplies.

NBC / Via

11. Breakfast in bed every Sunday morning. Black coffee and Advil on the side, please.

12. A "no questions asked" policy when it comes to bodily hair and all of its manipulation.

13. For your significant other to suddenly develop a desire to pay for... You know... Everything.


14. To hear these words every Friday night: "Wanna stay in and drink wine and watch your favorite movie??"

15. For them to concede that you are always right. Even when you are not. Sshhhh.

16. A daily, single passenger, one-way ticket to Pleasuretown, that you don't need reimbursed.

Columbia Pictures / Via

17. For them to suddenly develop a proclivity for doing, folding, and putting away all of your laundry.

18. For them to memorize all your favorite teams' game schedules, and never make any conflicting plans.

Screen Gems / Via

19. And, of course, to then watch all the games with you and genuinely enjoy each one.

20. For them to always be the one who has to get out of bed and turn off the light.

NBC / Via

21. A steady stream of undeserved and not fully accurate compliments.

22. A judgment-free zone for all your politically incorrect thoughts.

Sony Pictures / Via

23. An ongoing promise to always like your social media updates without your having to ask. Even the ones they don't actually like.

24. Oh, and love.

Fox / Via

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