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    24 Snapchats The Friends From "Friends" Definitely Sent

    The one with all the sneaky screenshots.

    1. When Monica was a sore loser.

    2. When they HAD to document this identity crisis.

    3. When Joey needed to send out this PSA.

    4. This incredible disaster.

    5. When Phoebe couldn't even handle this.

    6. Or this, for that matter.

    7. When Phoebe needed a cold shower.

    8. When all Joey needed was Joey.

    9. And when Phoebe plagiarized Joey's imitation of Chandler.

    10. When Ross was disgusted.

    11. When Joey met Fergie in his map.

    12. When Monica shared too much.

    13. When Monica got a bit worried.

    14. When Rachel and Monica were horrified.

    15. When Rachel shared her concern with the group.

    16. When Joey broadcasted his worst fear.

    17. And did this free marketing for Ichiban.

    18. When everyone saw a bit too much of Rachel.

    19. When everyone had had enough.

    20. When Chandler fell hard.

    21. When Phoebe made this announcement.

    22. When they were all scarred by Robert.

    23. When Ross couldn't deal with this heartwarming reunion.

    24. And when the best story ever ended.