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    18 Sep 2015

    16 Pictures That Will Make You Want To Move To Sri Lanka


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    1. If you're sick of the colour grey, it's time to make a move.

    2. If you need to be near an adorable baby animal at all times, get yourself to Sri Lanka.

    3. If you like spending your evenings in picturesque cafes, you know where to go.

    4. If a bit more culture and spirituality is what you need, go to Sri Lanka.

    5. If you want your life to constantly resemble a vacation, move here.

    6. If you're sick of your daily commute, all you need is a long drive in Sri Lanka.

    7. If you want to live the big city life but in an exquisite location, go here.

    8. If you need your breath taken away by mankind's creations, book a plane ticket now.

    9. If the ocean is your one true love, pack your bags already.

    10. If running into a picturesque sunset sounds like your ideal workout, what are you still waiting for?

    11. If you're into fresh air and greenery and beauty, you deserve to move to Sri Lanka.

    12. If you're craving some peace and quiet, we've found the answer.

    13. If you want to explore the depths of the ocean or surf on top it, Sri Lanka's got you covered.

    14. If you want to make some friends, you know where to go.

    15. If fresh and delicious food if what you desire, VISIT SRI LANKA.

    16. TL;DR – you deserve this. Sri Lanka's waiting for you.

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