A Japanese Burger Chain Made Face Masks So Women Can Eat Burgers Elegantly

    The bizarre but effective tactic has sales to women up by 213%.

    "Freshness Burger" is a national hamburger chain with several locations around Japan.

    They recently noticed that their largest burger, the "Classic Burger," while very popular with men, was the one least chosen by women.

    They soon realized that the reason for this might be that in Japan, small mouths (or "Ochobo") are considered attractive...

    "Ochobo" also means that it is considered well-mannered to cover one's mouth while opening it in public.

    And therefore, while men were comfortable opening their mouths wide enough to eat the large Classic Burger...

    Women were self conscious about doing the same.

    As a solution, Freshness Burger devised the "Liberation Wrapper," a burger wrapper that doubles as a face-mask.

    The mask wrapper allows women to enjoy the Classic Burger without compromising on Ochobo.

    Just one month after its implementation, sales of the Classic Burger to women were up by 213%.

    The chain believes they have freed women from "the spell of Ochobo."

    Watch the full video about their campaign here.