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17 Outfits Sonam Kapoor Wore In 2015 That Only She Could Pull Off

365 x realness.

1. This Cannes red carpet showstopper.

Valery Hache / AFP/Getty Images

2. This lesson in timeless elegance.

Str / AFP/Getty Images
STR/AFP / Getty Images

3. This masterpiece which only a true fashionista could wear because there's no way to sit in it.

Str / AFP / Getty Images

4. This lace cape perfection.

Graham Denholm
Graham Denholm / Getty Images

5. And this backless cape that's bringing sexy back.

Str / AFP/Getty Images
STR/AFP / Getty Images

6. This stunning suit.

Strdel / AFP/Getty Images
STRDEL/AFP / Getty Images

7. This correct way to dig into your dad's wardrobe.

8. This fierce way to slay the red carpet.

9. This wedding-dress-when-it's-not-your-wedding outfit.

10. This high fashion ~fusion~ saree.

11. This princess-on-an-off-day swag.

12. This STRONG shoulder game.

13. This lesson in layering.

14. This made-to-twirl outfit.

15. This fusion flawlessness.

16. This high collar elegance.

17. And this quintessential fashion It Girl uniform.

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