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Your Love Life According To Sandra Bullock

Uteruses before duderuses. Right, Sandy?

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1. People think you don't really do the whole dating game thing.

2. Everyone always asks you why you haven't found "The One" yet.

3. I mean, you keep yourself guarded. Sure.

4. Self-preservation.

5. But you're just a strong, confident woman who won't take no shit.

6. Who's beautiful.

7. And got moves to die for.

8. And let's be honest, there are plenty of reasons to be weary of men.

9. But you decide to give it a go anyway.

10. And it usually goes about as smoothly as this.

11. So you date for a while and it's AWESOME.

12. And then sooner or later, everything goes to shit.

13. And it ends.

14. And all your worst fears are realized.

15. And even when you feel like this:

16. You have to act like this when one of your friends gets engaged or has a baby:

17. But really you're like:

18. But luckily you find comfort elsewhere.

19. And you have friends to help get you through it.

20. And just when you think you're over him, you see he's updated his Facebook to "In a relationship."

21. And now you're all like:

22. But deep down, all you really want is:

23. But despite all of this, you stand tall.

24. And you get your game face on.

25. Because you know deep down, one day it will all be worth it.

26. RIGHT?!

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