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17 Things That Absolutely Need To Be In Jurassic Park 4

With a new director, a new script, and the news that this 4th installment will be taking place back at the original stomping grounds of Isla Nublar, let's discuss what totally and most definitely needs to be included in the upcoming Jurassic Park 4.

ReelSnarky 6 years ago

Darren Criss Totally Sang With Hanson Last Night

Delighting literally everyone, everywhere, Glee's Darren Criss made a surprise appearance at "his favorite band's" rehearsal last night. The amount of ovaries that exploded due to this event is still unknown.

ReelSnarky 6 years ago

Here's PBS' Answer To A New Bill Nye Replacement

"Life By The Numbers" shows off some impressive scientific facts in a really fun way, while simultaneously making us yearn for the good old days when Bill Nye the Science Guy was the only sexy scientist in town.

ReelSnarky 6 years ago