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Every GIF You Need To Cope With Bill Hader And Fred Armisen Leaving SNL

Still feeling blue about losing two of the best SNL cast members of all time this weekend? Deal with your grief with these handy GIFs. That's it. Just let it all out.

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1. Before SNL announced the departure of Fred Armisen and Bill Hader, watching SNL was like:

2. When I heard rumors about Bill Hader and Fred Armisen leaving:

3. When I found out the rumors were actually TRUE:

4. Preparing myself for their last show:

5. During Stefon's wedding:

But also:

6. During Fred's "Lovely Day" performance:

But mainly:

7. When the end credits started rolling:

8. When I saw everybody all sad and hugging, I wanted to be like:

But I was actually like:

9. And then when I saw Bill crying, I was like:

10. When I finally composed myself and realized how grateful I am for all of their time on SNL:

11. But when I found out later that was probably Jason Sudeikis' last show too:

12. Finally accepting they are gone:

13. (But secretly):

14. Thanks for the laughs, you guys!

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