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Coping With The HIMYM Finale: A GIF Guide

All. The Feels. (But not a lot of good ones.) Goodbye, How I Met Your Mother, you cruel mistress.

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At first I was all like:

And then we got to the goodbyes and I was like:

And then they started fast-forwarding through the years:

And everyone was unhappy:

And then I realized Robin was slowly phasing herself out:

And then Barney and Robin announced they had gotten divorced, and I was like:


And then I realized that it was really for real and not a joke like I had hoped:

And then Barney reverted back to his trollish ways:


But we finally get to see some glimpses of Ted and Tracy happy:

Like when they finally meet in the rain under the yellow umbrella!


And it was literally the cutest thing ever:


And I hoped and hoped it would last:

But of course it didn't:


And then Robin is out, Barney is gross, and the Mother gets sick:

Oh, and Barney has a kid that changes his life? Um, like:

And then we find out that the Mother has been dead this whole time:

And has been for SIX YEARS:

So, Ted's kids tell him to go after Aunt Robin:

Because after all, this was never a story about how Ted met their mother:

It was about how he always loved Aunt Robin:


And they totally committed to that idea and and I was like:


Again, I prayed this was not really how it was all going to end:

But it totally was, and there was nothing I could do about it:

And it ended with Robin and Ted together, and now until the end of time I'll feel like this:

I trusted you, HIMYM. I trusted you.

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