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    30 Weirdest Pieces Of "Breaking Bad" Fan Art

    I'll take 1 of everything.

    1. Cooking meth by day, fighting crime by night

    2. A Gus Fring Wedding, coming soon to your nightmares

    3. The devil himself

    4. Jewelry always makes a great gift.

    5. Outta this world

    6. I think Saul's had some work done.

    7. This?

    8. THIS!!

    9. Obviously.

    10. Tim Burton's Heisenberg.

    11. You're welcome.

    12. Florence + the Heisenberg

    13. Holy sh*t.

    14. NO.

    15. Why?

    16. Why not?

    17. Best cross stitch ever?

    18. Except for maybe this one.


    20. For the special occasions.

    21. *no comment*

    22. Would look great on a resume.

    23. Jurassic Park: Tuco Rising

    24. Yeah, God, bitch!

    25. Uncle Ben ain't got nothin on him.

    26. SIMS: Breaking Bad

    27. ???

    28. Accurate.

    29. Mini coffin, level: CREEPY

    30. I'M SORRY.

    BONUS: My favorite piece of fan art I found while scouring the interwebs: