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    20 Awesome Photos Of Bill Murray To Celebrate The 20th Anniversary Of Groundhog Day

    Like we need an excuse to celebrate anything involving Bill. But in honor of the 20th anniversary of the release of Groundhog Day, here's 20 pictures of Bill being awesome. You're welcome.

    1. High School Bill

    2. Mustachioed Bill

    3. Dandy Bill

    4. Mischievous Bill

    5. Dancing Bill

    6. Running Bill

    7. Biking Bill

    8. Sequined Bill

    9. Rockin' Bill

    10. Sexy Bill

    11. Teacher Bill

    12. Toothy Bill

    13. Foxy Bill

    14. Plaid Bill

    15. Swag Bill

    16. Whimsical Bill

    17. Safari Bill

    18. V-neck Bill

    19. Athletic Bill

    20. Funny Bill

    21. Bonus: Cake Bill. Because obviously.