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  • 13 Reasons Why “Don’t Look Under The Bed” Is The Most Grown Up Disney Channel Original Movie EVER

    Ah, what can I say about this movie! When it came on, I fell in love with it, but it has since been decommissioned into the Disney Vault (or wherever DCOMs go). It gets played now only once a year, perhaps, at 2 or 3 in the morning around Halloween because it legitimately scared children for many reasons! It’s also one that hasn’t been released on DVD yet (probably never), so we must all rely on DVR or our old VHS tapes (or if you can find it on youtube!)! But to be fair, “Don’t Look Under the Bed” was definitely not a movie that should have been geared toward kids! Here’s why!

  • 12 Signs That The 90’s Are Coming Back

    Fashion trends come and go in waves! And recently there has been a LOT of demand for the 90’s! From fashion, to trends, to toys even, we “blessed children” who experienced the beautiful honey that was the 90’s at its best seem to recognize these things all too well! All of these links are things I have seen in stores and are for sale currently! Welcome back to your childhood!

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