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    12 Signs That The 90's Are Coming Back

    Fashion trends come and go in waves! And recently there has been a LOT of demand for the 90's! From fashion, to trends, to toys even, we "blessed children" who experienced the beautiful honey that was the 90's at its best seem to recognize these things all too well! All of these links are things I have seen in stores and are for sale currently! Welcome back to your childhood!

    Mini Backpacks

    Almost everybody had one or needed one. A mini backpack was the epitome of style in the early 90's, particularly the ones with the flap-tops. Many colors and styles, they were the hottest thing. You can buy this one now from K-Mart.


    Keyhole sleeveless shirts, bralets, acid washed denim vests, floral print jeans, blazers in all kinds of neon colors are coming back with a bang this summer. I think I had a picture of myself wearing this same shirt in second grade...


    Something I never once thought would make a comeback. Fannypacks: more than just listed under simple fashion and accessories, these things had it all. And though in recent years, finding one of these guys seemed few and far between, the comeback has been surprising and their numbers swell!

    Slap Bracelets

    Apple has very recently unleashed plans for its "iWatch" and it includes something that reminds us all of a slap bracelet in the creepiest way... You can still find these almost anywhere, though its demand has grown in the recent months.

    Herbal Essences

    Clairol must have gotten it- it recently just announced and are putting to shelves relatively soon its old formulas! Two of the original scents: rose hips and chammomile in its old bottles are coming back to a store shelf near you. So you can have a good, old fashioned "totally organic experience". Be sure to stock up!

    Platform Canvas Sneakers

    Something the 90's decided to cook up, it made girls and boys with weak ankles buck up for style. In varous adult and child sizes, platform sneakers have come back with a bang.

    High Tops

    Speaking of shoes, you can't really think about the 90's without the classic high top sneakers. And though it's entirely possible that these shoes never really went out of style and they are modified a little bit, high top sneakers are once again becoming a main staple of fashion.

    Side Ponytails

    Maybe it's just me or the region I live in, but I've been seeing side ponytails everywhere! Not only was it something that I did as a child, I remember it made my hair look like I had dog ears. Lucky for us scrunchies and the feathered bangs haven't come back yet!

    Gak and Floam

    HOLY COW! Who didn't want Gak!? Or its little brother, Floam? Messy, goupy, farty and totally awesome, Gak was something that Nickelodeon did that never should have left. And it must have listened because Gak and Floam are back and can be picked up in many forms at places like Toys R Us and Target!

    Denim Everything

    Denim has been a staple in fashion for over a hundred years because of its durability and in the past 30 or so years, it has been coveted for its fashion qualities. The 80's and 90's were the years of denim: from the classic denim jacket and matching pants, to rocking vests, torn jeans and cadet hats with denim flowers on it. The past few months have seen a denim storm and I don't think it's about to dull down!

    90's Shows on TV and DVD

    A few years ago, TeenNick decided it would listen to its growing generation of children who missed the old shows when the network was still young! It decided to play series like All That, Rocko's Modern Life, Hey Arnold, Doug, and other wonderful, long gone shows. It has been lovingly called "The 90's Are All That". Additionally, numerous TV shows are now out on DVD. Rocko can be purchased as a whole series for roughly $15 at Amazon and the Angry Beavers are up for pre-order (July 30, 2013). If that goes well, other shows may be up next! I cannot say that I am not excited for this new phenomenon!


    Good LORD, please make it stop trying to take over the world! Lovable, notorious and definitely a little creepy, Furby made its way in 1998 as being a "smart pet-like toy" for having the ability to learn things that you say to it. Some say it could be used as a spy to leak information, others just couldn't get theirs to stop wanting food. In December of 2012, Furby came back as one of the hottest new Christmas Toys with DIGITAL eyes. As if it could not get creepier...

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