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    This $13 Kitchen Tool Makes Shredding Meat Easy, And It'll Save You So Much Time

    It is shreds-day, my dudes.

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    Hot take: Meat Is Delicious. Beef, chicken, pork, fish, turkey... I could keep listing but I won't because they're all equally good. I've never met a meat I didn't like. This GIF of Ron is literally my Patronus.

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    All meat, all the time babyyyyyyy. Scurvy? I don't know her.

    But there is one major meat problem: shredding. Using forks is inefficient and slow, and hacks to speed it up never seem to work. Enter: the Bear Paws Shredder Claws ($13).

    I mean, just look at that. Tell me you aren't already drooling.

    Now, before you call me bananas, I should tell you that I'm not the only one obsessed with these claws. Over 2,700 people have reviewed them on Amazon, with an average rating of 4.7 stars. That's literally as close as the internet has ever come to agreeing on something., Champion14 /

    And when it comes to pulled pork, people don't mess around — I know whole families that have been divided by arguments about sauce — so you know if this many people agree, it's gotta be good.

    What's so great about the Bear Paws? These puppies can turn a pork shoulder into a pile of pulled pork in just a few minutes. That means there's also less time required for pulled pork to get into my mouth.

    Sean Thomson /

    "I don't normally write reviews, however, these deserve the honor. I just made 26 pounds of pork butt for a large family gathering. Several months ago I did the same thing and my husband and I shredded it together with four forks. We scorched our hands repeatedly and it took over 70 minutes. I looked at several shredding forks and settled in on these and I sure am glad I did! They are solid, light, and sharp. They are not hollow on the back side so meat doesn't get stuck in them. It didn't take long to get the hang of them. They double as handles to pick up the large 8.5 lb butts, which was very nice. They really do become extensions of your hands! I had read reviews that said that these don't let you get meat shredded finely but that was certainly not my experience. Although I haven't used them on other sorts of meat yet, this pork was fall-off-the bone tender and it shredded very finely for me. And it did it so fast! I shredded all 26 pounds by myself in less than 30 mins and didn't burn my hands once. I wish I hadn't waited so long to get these... It really does beat the two fork system! Well done Bear Paws!" —L. Smith

    Even professional chefs stan:

    Brianna /

    "I own a BBQ food truck and we sell brisket, pulled pork, pulled chicken, smoked sausage, and burgers. I was looking for a faster way to pull pork. I looked at those shredders you attach to a drill, but they look like they would turn the product to mush. I brought these Bear Paws and went to pull 30 lbs of Boston Butt. What used to take 45 minutes was done in less than 5. No waste. These paws do a great job of integrating the fat in with the meat. I could not be happier, and I can make more money. As a BBQ man of 30 years, I would recommend these for handling and pulling meat." —Michael K. Powell

    "A friend of ours who barbeques professionally, recommended the Bear Paws and we are so excited that we listened to his advice. Great product!" —GaGatorGal

    For all you Alton Brown die-hards out there, these are anything but unitaskers — in addition to shredding pork, you can use the Bear Paws to lift meat off the heat, secure unwieldy objects like watermelon for slicing, and even make guacamole!

    "Works exactly as one would hope, and also unexpectedly good for making guacamole too." —Cheshire

    "I have used these to slide gracefully under an entire 18-lb prime rib and move it to the platter without mishap. If you are looking for a great seller who provides a great product and a real service to humanity and possibly could save humanity from themselves... I highly recommend them." —Appy

    "I used these right out of the box to hold onto a watermelon while I cut it. They are so easy to use. We look forward to using them to make pulled pork and for Thanksgiving tomorrow. These are a great addition to my kitchen as well as for our bbq." —Debra Moffitt

    Plus, you get to feel like Wolverine while you use them, which definitely makes cooking way more fun.

    KP@Acts2:38 /, Marvel

    "These things are great for shredding pork or even just moving big hunks of meat around the kitchen/grill. They don't feel cheap at all and are almost too sharp! Should get a lot of good use out of these for a long time to come. Every time I get them out, I feel compelled to make a *shhhink* sound and pose like Wolverine. So, that's a bonus." —S. Jones

    Alton would be proud.

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    Get a pair from Amazon for $12.95 (available in six colors).

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