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    Just 31 Pieces Of Gorgeous Furniture You Can Get At Walmart

    Spruce up your space with basically no effort.

    1. A sectional sofa from the Queer Eye collection so you're basically assured that it's as fabulous as possible.

    A grey sectional sofa in front of a brick wall

    2. A barn-door TV stand that'll give all your electronics and tchotchkes a touch of ~rustic~ elegance.

    The white TV stand with a TV on top

    3. A faux leather chair perfect for curling up with a good book or a cup of hot cocoa. It's cozy and classy in one package.

    The black leather chair in front of a bookshelf

    4. An industrial coffee table that looks like it was reclaimed from some chic, industrial loft space, without any of the fuss of actually reclaiming anything.

    The dark wood coffee table in a living room

    5. A glass coffee table straight from an episode of the Jetsons. You might have to re-name your dog Astro with this in your living room!

    The coffee table in front of a couch

    6. A wood platform bed that's just classic. This bed will go perfectly with your decor, no matter how many different styles you go for.

    The dark brown bed in a bedroom

    7. A simple dresser with clean lines that'll add a touch of Scandinavian vibes to your space.

    The grey wood dresser with a mirror hanging over it

    8. A striped accent chair for that bit of spice the one random corner in your living room has been needing.

    The black and white striped chair in a living room

    9. A dining set with a bench to make it super versatile. You can place this basically anywhere and seat a ton of people in a relatively small space, without feeling squished.

    The white dining set in a dining room

    10. A microfiber futon that's actually like, stylish? No one will mistake a room this futon is in for a dorm room.

    The blue futon under a set of photos

    11. A mod-style dining set with all the flair of the '60s, but none of the questionable food choices. Absolutely nothing encased in Jell-O will be included with this table.

    The light brown dining set in a dining room

    12. A faux leather wingback chair that's practically made for sitting in and pretending to be an old-timey professor.

    The brown leather chair in a decorated room

    13. A computer desk so glam that it'll make your most boring Zoom meeting still feel fabulous.

    The white and gold desk in an office

    14. A two-tone bookshelf you can use to hold anything from plants to decorations to books (of course) and more.

    The black and tan bookshelf with decorations on it

    15. A wood framed sofa that just looks perfect for napping on, cuddled up under a big soft blanket.

    The brown leather sofa in a living room

    16. A farmhouse storage cabinet because everything in your house should have a sliding barn door on it. They're convenient, space-saving, and cute to boot!

    The grey cabinet in a living room

    17. A mid-back desk chair that's just as comfortable as a regular desk chair, but doesn't have that cubicle vibe.

    The grey bucket chair

    18. A ladder bookshelf to ~elevate~ the style and storage space of your room.

    The grey four tiered bookshelf next to a window

    19. A metal bed frame that's elegant without being sterile or unapproachable.

    The black bed in a bedroom

    20. A cushioned office chair so soft you'll want to sit in it even when you're not working.

    The pink office chair

    21. A farmhouse storage bench that's the perfect piece for your entryway — it'll help with clutter while also looking super classy.

    The dark wood bench in an entryway

    22. A stud-trimmed sofa perfect for smaller spaces, or just people who like to cuddle.

    The tan sofa in a living room

    23. A walnut nightstand that strikes the perfect balance between style and substance.

    The brown nightstand with a lamp

    24. A storage bench so you can finally get rid of that pile of shoes around your front door.

    The wooden bench with a cream cushion and storage cubes

    25. A trestle desk that's perfect for a more minimalist space, but still manages to have a surprising amount of storage.

    The black and wooden desk in an office setup

    26. A gold bar cart perfect for finally organizing your cluttered liquor cabinet and making it look fancy and grown-up.

    The gold cart in a living room

    27. A mirrored vanity that'll make your morning routine feel luxe and special, even if it's just a Thursday.

    The gold and mirrored vanity table and stool

    28. A nightstand set for anyone who needs symmetry in their bedroom furnishings (no shame, I am also one of those people).

    The set of white and dark wood nightstands

    29. A dining table that's versatile enough to be used for any kind of table, and with decorative accents to make it stand out.

    The grey table with metal legs

    30. A glass-and-metal console table perfect for displaying your cool things, whether they're beautiful antiques or Funko Pops.

    The black metal and glass table

    31. A tufted headboard that's great for leaning against while you have a lazy breakfast in bed. Or watch TV in bed. Or finish up some work in bed. It's multipurpose!

    The cream tufted headboard behind a bed

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