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    27 No-Effort Ways To Keep Your House Clean

    Elbow grease? I don't know her.

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    1. Line your fridge shelves so that when something inevitably spills or goes bad, you can just pull the liner out and wipe it down and not have to disassemble half your fridge to remove the sticky mess.

    2. Stop filling your house with smoke every time you make a frozen pizza! Spray on some fume-free oven cleaner, wait a couple hours, and then just wipe off all that gross cooked-on residue.

    3. Prevent any future oven mess once you've cleaned it out well with oven liners that'll catch drips and stop them from becoming a permanent part of your oven.

    4. Count walking around your house as "cleaning" by wearing mop slippers that'll keep your feet cozy and pick up dust and debris on your floor all at once.

    5. Run a specifically designed pet hair roller over your fabrics to pick up a ton of fur without the noise of the vacuum or the hassle of peeling off those annoying sheets on traditional lint rollers.

    6. Turn your closet into something that looks as nice as a store display in no time flat with a clothes folding board — your shirts will take up less space, and it's so fun to do that you might end up looking forward to laundry day.

    7. Clear out a lot of disgusting gunk from your drains and get them running smoothly again with just a few twists of a FlexiSnake.

    8. Stop those gross clogs from forming in the future with a TubShroom — it'll catch all those shed hairs and keep them from blocking your drains.

    9. Do away with the need for a separate duster and window cleaner and paper towel and on and on, and just grab a set of microfiber cloths — they can do all those jobs and more.

    10. Drop some tablets of Bottle Bright into your most stubborn dirty stainless steel containers, then let it bubble away and leave you with sparkling results.

    11. Go hardcore on your cleaning with this goth as hell black sponge that scrubs amazingly, doesn't smell, and might actually be immortal.

    12. Eliminate pesky carpet stains with these Bissell Stomp Pads — you don't need to scrub or even bend down, just stomp to activate and come back to a spotless floor.

    13. Quickly swipe your knives through a dedicated cutlery cleaner to keep your hands and your sponges safe from sharp edges and your knives safe from the dishwasher.

    14. Load a ton of stuff into the dishwasher you might not have thought could go in there — sponges, toys, cleaning brushes, vases, and more can all benefit from a cycle.

    15. Ensure that your dishwasher is working at peak performance by running a load with a dishwasher cleaner tablet once a month — it'll break down buildup inside the machine that might be keeping it from actually properly cleaning your dishes.

    16. Clean a glass cooktop with a few basic household supplies and some time — absolutely no other effort required.

    17. Shake up some adorable beans in your hard-to-clean bottles to get them sparkling in no time.

    18. Spritz on just two ingredients (and let them sit for a little bit) to get your bathtub so clean you'll actually be willing to take a bath in it.

    19. Harness the power of anger (okay, steam) to loosen all that caked-on spaghetti sauce in your microwave. After a few minutes, the Angry Mama will make it so you can easily wipe everything away.

    20. Blast away ultra-stubborn dirt and grime with a set of drill brushes — they're fun to use and you'll finally get some more use out of your drill besides the two times a year you need to hang a picture.

    21. Let a robot clean your floors. It literally can't get any easier than that.

    22. Remove even the most seemingly-permanent marks on stainless steel, copper, porcelain, glass, and pretty much everything in your life with the help of a bottle of Bar Keeper's Friend.

    23. Let a heavy-duty doormat do most of the work of preventing tracked-in messes from taking over your floors. You'll thank yourself later.

    24. Implement a no-shoes-in-the-house policy as well, and make it easy on everyone with a shoe rack right by the door.

    25. Try out a multi-use product like dryer sheets that you can use to make a million and one cleaning tasks easier.

    26. Make your bed every morning — it takes two minutes tops, and sets you up for cleaning success for the entire day.

    27. Zap away annoying marks and scuffs with a Magic Eraser that's so good and quick at cleaning, it might genuinely be made of magic.

    You, now that you know all this stuff:

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