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    24 Of The Best Hair Tools You Can Get On Amazon

    Just two days from now your hair will be in its ~Prime~.

    1. A hair dryer brush because who has the time (or the arm strength) to struggle with a brush and a dryer at the same time? Not you, that's who.

    2. A Wet Brush that'll gently detangle any kind of hair — and despite the name, it works equally well on wet or dry hair.

    3. A pack of curling rods to get gorgeous ringlets overnight — and with the added bonus of no heat damage.

    4. A straightener that can get your hair sleek and shiny in seconds and can also be used to create curls — talk about multitasking!

    5. An automatic curling iron so easy to use that basically anyone can do it — and so fast you'll be out the door in seconds.

    6. A satin pillowcase to help prevent breakage and keep your natural oils from being absorbed by a sub-par cotton pillowcase. What would it even do with natural oils anyway? Those should stay on your hair.

    7. A shampoo brush that'll massage your scalp to gently exfoliate and get all your products right down to the roots.

    8. A curling wand with interchangeable barrels to help you create any kind of curl imaginable.

    9. A hair dryer that promises to cut down on drying time, and comes with attachments to make basically any style achievable.

    10. An automatic waver so you can get the mermaid look without the fuss of a traditional curling iron (or a trip to the bottom of the ocean).

    11. A Tangle Teezer ergonomically designed to fit in your hand and make removing knots a breeze.

    12. A tapered curling wand so good that people have used it at their weddings — there can literally be no higher endorsement.

    13. A curling iron with a clip for those of us who never quite got the hang of those newfangled clipless styles.

    14. A travel hair dryer so compact you can take it just about anywhere, and so powerful that you'll want to.

    15. A heat-resistant glove because the clumsiest among us (no shame, I'm right there too) need some extra help to prevent unpleasant burns.

    16. A microfiber towel that'll cut down on drying time, reduce frizz, and enhance curl. This baby does it all.

    17. A straightener perfect for both traveling and staying at home — the multiple available sizes and dual voltage options will leave you with silky, shiny hair no matter where you are.

    18. An oversized diffuser that'll make defining your curls and reducing frizz a snap.

    19. A bonnet dryer so you can dry your hair and set your styles in record time — and without the strain of holding up a hair dryer, or the expense of a dryer hood.

    20. A titanium dryer that users swear is way lighter and faster than the traditional drugstore models you're used to.

    21. A hair clipper specifically designed to use on yourself, so you won't have to constantly have a barber freshen up your buzz.

    22. A hot roller set that's a classic technique for a reason — it'll make and keep curls like nobody's business.

    23. A pick infused with keratin and argan oil — it'll detangle easily, but won't leave a residue on your hands.

    24. A curling iron with a tiny barrel to create the small, defined ringlets of your dreams.

    You, with the help of these hair tools:

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