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    42 Sentences That Will Confuse The Fuck Out Of Everyone Who Isn't From Northern Ireland

    "About ye?"

    1. "You'll be right." – You'll be fine.

    2. "About ye!" – How are you?!

    3. "What's the craic?" – What's going on, how's it going?

    4. "Awk sure." – Generally added onto the end of sentences, but it doesn't actually mean anything.

    5. "Sure look it." – Another version of "awk sure". It still doesn't mean anything.

    6. "The Holylands" – University area of Belfast with a heavy student population. Well known for fantastic celebrations on St. Patrick's and the Holylands harlem.

    7. "It's baltic out." – It's fucking freezing.

    8. "You'll need an umbrella." – You'll need Noah to rebuild his ark.

    9. "It's lovely outside!" – It's over 15 degrees and it's not raining.

    10. "I can't wait for summer." – I can't wait for the one day of the year that the sun appears.

    11. "He had two bottles a' Buckie at pres." – He's not getting in anywhere.

    12. "He had three bottles a' Buckie at pres." – He probably shouldn't leave the house.

    13. "Then he boked everywhere." – He vomited everywhere, probably after all those Buckies.

    14. "Traffic's bad." – The traffic outside the Europa hasn't moved for 30 minutes.
    15. "I'm headed to the jacks."
    – I'm heading to the bathroom. (Men only though)

    16. "I'm headed on." – I am about to leave.

    17. "Where's the soda bread?" – Where are the hot, delicious, and buttered carbs?

    18. "Can I get veda with that?" – Veda is a type of malted bread in Northern Ireland. Best served with plenty of butter.

    19. "That's wile nasty." – That's really bad.

    20. "Will ye look a' the shape a him?" – Would you look at the state of him?!

    21. "Such a dose." – What an idiot.

    22. "You slabberin again?" – Are you talking shite again?

    23. "Get us a naggin." – A naggin is a 200ml bottle of spirits (usually vodka). Perfect for handbags and smuggling, btw.

    24. "Naw, the peelers were 'bout." – No, the police were there.

    25. "She's from the South." – She's from the Republic of Ireland.

    26. "Are ye' gettin?" – Used in a similar way to 'Y'alright?'.

    27. "Shall we go for a dander?" – Let's go for a stroll.

    28. "Mon t'fuck." – Please do hurry up.

    29. "You're an absolute dry shite." – You are no fun at all, sir.

    30. "Is that you?" – Are you done/are you ready?

    31. "Naw it was that wee cuddy so it was." – It was that young boy.

    32. "She's got waynes/weans now!" – She's got small children now!

    33. "Wise up, lad." – Get a bit of sense.

    34. "Half-cut so he was!" – He'd had a few too many Buckies.

    35. "Full so she was!" – She was drunk.

    36. "I was absolutely blocked." – Yep, another word for drunk.

    37. "Flegs." – Flags.

    38. "They were flyin' the tricolour." – They were flying the National Flag of Ireland.

    39. "He's a wee culchie!" – He's from the countryside.

    40. "You've a face on ye like a slapped arse." – Wow, you look unhappy.

    41. "Fuckup." – An extreme shortening of the phrase "shut the fuck up."

    42. "Catch yourself on there." – Wise up.