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21 Incredible Things To Eat In Belfast Right Now

It's not just about the Ulster Fry. But that is a large part of it.

1. Mac 'n' Cheese Nugget Burgers at Le Coop

2. Wood fired ribs at John Henry's

3. Burritos at Boojum

4. Piri piri prawns at Made in Belfast

5. Bumper fry at Maggie Mays

6. Veggie fry at Maggie Mays

7. Ropa Vieja at Cuban Sandwich Factory

8. Belfast bap at Belfast Bap Co

9. Oysters at St George's Market

10. Oysters au Naturel at Mourne Seafood Bar

11. Bento box at Obento Japanese

12. Hanging skewers at Cloth Ear

13. Burgers 'n' dogs at Alley Cat

14. Steak on the stone at Stix & Stones

15. Little Winger workshops at Little Wing Pizzeria

16. Penna alla Norma at Speranza

17. Cichetti at Coppi

18. Belgian waffles at Cafe Mauds

19. French toast at French Village

20. Cookie Butter Cupcakes at Lily Pink Bakery

21. Rainbow Cakes at Lily Pink Bakery

22. Teatime treats at Avoca Belfast

23. Macarons at Patisserie Mimi