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The Greatest Hits of Cop Rock

Cop Rock was a musical police drama that aired on ABC in 1990. It was canceled after 11 episodes (for some reason), won 2 Emmys, and featured some of the most inspiring song and dance numbers ever seen on television to date. Glee, eat your heart out.

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  • Let's Be Careful Out There

    "Homicide, arson, robbery, rape/It wouldn't hurt to say our prayers!"

  • He's Guilty

    There's some weird church and state boundary crossing going on here.

  • Don't Mess With My Pursuit of Happiness

    "It's not like I'm homeless/or strung out on crack/with the taxes I pay/you should cut me some slack..."

  • Quitcherbitchin'

    Captain Hollander has had enough of the moaning and groaning around the office. "And if you can't stand the heat/get out of the kitchen/For the last time/Quitcherbitchin'"

  • Lineup

    A group of hispanic men sing about racial profiling: "We're the local color with the coppertone skin/And you treat us like we're guilty of some terrible sin."

  • Where Bullets Fly

    "You know its a drive by when you see me passin'/I'm trained to kill just like a ninja assassin..."

  • Baby Merchant

    The crown jewel of Cop Rock features a man known as the Baby Merchant. "I'm the baby merchant/Tots 'R Us/I give you all the service and no damn fuss/Give the baby merchant just a week or two/I'll have your baby for you..."