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Shit My Kids Ruined

Shit My Kids Ruined is a Tumblog devoted solely to pictures submitted by parents of things their children have ruined. Kids Say The Darndest Things, eat your heart out.

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  • Ahh, Real Monsters!

    Parent says: "What the what?"

  • Did I do That?

    Parent's explanation: Helpie McHelperson was helping us pack because we were moving.

  • Well Seasoned Fish

    Parent's explanation: My 3 year old thought our fish would enjoy an entire container of black pepper for breakfast!

  • Static Snowmen

    Parent's explanation: They made themselves “snowmen”. This took weeks to clean up. Thanks MIL for sending our Christmas stuff in all this packing. My sanity was ruined.

  • Just be glad its not coke.

    Parent's explanation: Ruined my hopes of a clean home ever again. Went to toss a load of laundry in the machine and came back to hear “Big trouble….this is BIG TROUBLE”… notice he was trying to clean up the evidence.