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On This Day in History: August 10th

Births, deaths, wins and losses, from August 10ths throughout history. Thing to note: August 10th has been a busy day for residents of Missouri.

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  • 1628 - The Swedish warship Vasa sinks in the Stockholm harbour after only about 20 minutes of her maiden voyage

  • 1675 - The foundation stone of the Royal Greenwich Observatory in London is laid

  • 1776 - Word of the United States Declaration of Independence reaches London

  • 1821 - Missouri is admitted as the 24th U.S. state

  • 1846 - The Smithsonian Institution is chartered by the United States Congress after James Smithson donates $500,000.

  • 1861 - U.S. Civil War  Battle of Wilson's Creek: The war enters Missouri

  • 1920 - World War I - Ottoman sultan Mehmed VI's representatives sign the Treaty of Sèvres that divides up the Ottoman Empire between the Allies

    The signatories of the Ottoman Empire. Left to right: R1za Tevfik; Grand vizier Damat Ferid Pasha; ambassador Hadi Pasha; and the Ottoman Minister of Education Re_id Halis.

  • 1921 - Franklin D. Roosevelt is stricken with polio at his summer home on the Canadian island of Campobello

  • 1928 - Jimmy Dean born in Plainview, TX

  • 1930 - President William H. Taft dies

  • 1932 - A 11.2-pound chondrite-type meteorite breaks into at least seven pieces and lands near the town of Archie in Cass County, Missouri

    [visual approximation]

  • 1942 - Riots in India Following Gandhi's Arrest

  • 1948 - Candid Camera makes its television debut after being on radio for a year as Candid Microphone

  • 1952 - Louise Suggs wins LPGA All American Women Golf Tournament

  • 1960 - Antonio Banderas born in Málaga, Andalusia, Spain

  • 1969 - A day after murdering Sharon Tate and four others, members of Charles Manson's cult kill Leno and Rosemary LaBianca

  • 1971 - The Society for American Baseball Research is founded in Cooperstown, New York

  • 1972 - Paul & Linda McCartney are arrested in Sweden on drug possession

  • 1988 - U.S. President Ronald Reagan signs the Civil Liberties Act of 1988

    President Reagan signs the bill in an official ceremony. Left to right: Hawaii Sen. Spark Matsunaga, California Rep. Norman Mineta, Hawaii Rep. Pat Saiki, California Sen. Pete Wilson, Alaska Rep. Don Young, California Rep. Bob Matsui, California Rep. Bill Lowery, and JACL President Harry Kajihara.

  • 1990 - The Magellan space probe reaches Venus

  • 2003 - Yuri Ivanovich Malenchenko becomes the first person to marry in space

    She was in Texas and he was 240 miles over New Zealand on the International Space Station.

  • 2008 - Isaac Hayes Dies

  • 2009 - Baby Giraffe ("Hasani") Born at Houston Zoo