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7 Important Moments in Joey Lawrence's Career

Joey Lawrence is about to make a comeback with a new ABC sitcom, Melissa & Joey, also starring Melissa Joan Hart. Here's a retrospective look at 7 of the most important moments in his career to date.

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  • 1. Chips Ahoy! Commercial

  • 2. Woah!

    This pretty much sums up his entire career.

  • 3. Nothing My Love Can't Fix

  • 4. Brotherly Love

  • 5. Never Gonna Change My Mind

    High point or highest point in his career? You decide. (Video starts at :30)

  • 6. Icebreakers Commercial ft. Hilary & Haliey Duff

    Capitalizing on his Blossom fame. A classic comeback maneuver from a former child star.

  • 7. My Fake Fiance

    In case you're wondering, yes, this is the ABC Family movie that did soooooo well that both Lawrence and Hart were signed on for their upcoming series, Melissa & Joey.

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