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    • rebeccaa16

      It looks like you don’t understand what the bill was about, at all. And BTW, partial-birth abortion hasn’t been legal inavery long time. But please, use your antiquated knowledge to go along with the antiquated thinking behind the bill. This wasn’t just about access to abortion (which is legal, BTW), it was about the right of women to access necessary medical care and control the decisions about their own bodies. Nobody is forcing anybody else to get an abortion, but sometimes, it really isanecessary (albeit terribly difficult) choice.
      Guns are legal, and people use those to kill actual, living, productive human beings every day, butIdon’t see any pro-lifers trying to outlaw those implements.
      What Texas (and the rest of the country, for that matter) needs is better contraceptive education and access, as well as access to programs to help raise the babies after they are born. What these politicians seem to forget is thatafetus ends up asareal live baby, and those things are not cheap to care for; they need diapers, and food, and clothes, and medical care. And maternity leave is unpaid. And who is going to care for the baby once leave is up, if it’sasingle mother? These are the issues that should be addressed. But until they are, women are sometimes forced to makeatough decision. But that isaright that every women has, whether she takes advantage of it or not. Asapro-life supporter, nobody is saying that you must get an abortion. So please, respect the pro-choice supporters, as well.

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