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28 Things You Need To Know About Long Islanders

You already know about the iced tea, but there's much more to this suburban breed than meets the eye.

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28. The Long Island Medium does not represent all of us...

27. ...but we know a lot of people like her.

Actual Long Islanders!

Actual Long Islanders!

26. We love Diners and judge them by the length of their menus.

25. We don't all talk like Amy Fisher, Joey Buttafuoco, or the Coffee Talk "lady"...

24. ...but we ALL do when we are drunk or angry.

23. When we tell a Brooklynite we are from Long Island they do this...

22. ...yet they are not even from New York...

21. ...and have never even been to Long Island.

20. We love to complain about the Long Island Rail Road...

19. ...but it's a bazillion times better than this...

18. ...and we can drink on it!


P.S. West Egg was a fictional town on Long Island, boom!

17. Only we know what and where this is. Just not sure WHY this is.

16. Long Island has better bagels than the city. There, I said it.

15. The more a Long Islander makes fun of you, the more they like you.


And if you're an idiot and didn't already know, Lindsay Lohan is from Long Island. (See what I did there?)

14. All Long Islanders have an "I met Billy Joel" story and most of them are actually true.

13. Adventureland hasn't been updated in 30 years but we find that charming.

12. The Roosevelt Field mall is the best...


11. ...and worst place in the entire universe.

10. We tell everyone that Public Enemy is from Long Island to convince them it's cool.

9. We know how to pronounce several Native-American words.

8. We are kind of like New Jersey people...

7. ...which is why we hate them so much

6. We complain about overpopulation incessantly...

5. ...but we'll never move away because our entire family is on Long Island...

4. ...which is why there's overpopulation.

3. City folk don't like "bridge and tunnelers"...

2. ...but we don't like "summer getawayers".

1. And absolutely no one from Long Island says "Strong Island", probably because of this guy.

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