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Tom Brady Dances Exactly How You'd Expect Him To

Everybody hating, we just call them fans though.

So the New England Patriots received their Super Bowl rings this weekend.

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And proceeded to dance the night away in celebration.

OH. MY. GOD. Wiz Khalifa & Tom Brady watch Gronk break it down on the dance floor.

Here's Tom Brady & co. dancing to "Trap Queen"

And here's Tom Brady and Julian Edelman having a DANCE BATTLE.

Tom Brady v Julian Edelman dance off. I can't...

Gronk was there dancing exactly how you'd expect Gronk to dance.

And Tom Brady was dancing exactly like your dad chaperoning a middle school dance would.

...if your dad has four Super Bowl rings to fist pump with, that is.

Oh look, Wiz Khalifa was also there!

Yes, that's Patriots owner Robert Kraft bumping to 6 God.

I mean I guess you could dance however you want when you've got four of these bad boys.

Don't we all, Kendall. Don't we all...